We solve your growth matters. The main focus of our value proposition is to help companies evolve into the next stage of their endeavors. To do so, we utilize a set of tools within the online technology landscape.


Marketing Strategy

Create a solid business and marketing strategy for your target audience to be engaged with your company.


Tone-of-voice or brandbook

Content Creation

Tell your story with copy or visuals

Process Mapping Session​s

Gain new insights on your target market and get to know your ideal customer profile with a brownpaper session.


Search / Display Advertising

Paid search advertising via Search and Display via Google Ads to quickly capture your targets on their first search.

Social Media Marketing

Organic and Paid advertising on Social Media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook and many others.

Video Marketing

Production and corporate storytelling via videos. One of the most engaging ways of telling a story.

Search Engine Optimisation

Grow in Google

Email Marketing

Engage with your prospects and customers via email. Whether it's a bulk email from yourself, or a newsletter from your team, Perplix is here to get it done.


Web Development

From landing to corporate web site. You will need a way to capture your digital leads of course offered with reliable hosting.

App Development

In stores now.


Today’s most disruptive companies are winning on customer experience. Make sure to capture that journey, capture the truth.

HubSpot Solution Provider

We love to work with HubSpot, which is Crafted for Growth. Perplix is HubSpot Solution Provider.



As a foundation for your nurture programs. We love to work with HubSpot, which is Crafted for Growth, but can also work with your current CRM system. Perplix is HubSpot Solution Provider.


Go with the flow.


Data is power! Use it.

creating your audience

Digitalizing your business.

In many cases, a specific set of skills are needed to improve or repair your business. But sometimes, a company needs an overhaul to realize a vision. This is where Perplix comes into place. This is our service from A-Z. From concept development, up until launching and monitoring, Perplix is your growth consultancy partner.


Focus on audience

Create a laserfocus on your targets

Strategic opportunities

Identify new strategic opportunities, otherwise unused. ​

Lower boundaries

You, your employees and your customers take action quicker

Higher conversion​​

A higher conversion​​ for your product or service

Together we build growth revenue leads market audiences

So if you and your company are at a stage to grow to the next level,
Perplix is ready to guide you every step of the way.

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