creating an audience

We are Perplix.

We aim to create audiences and make them perplexed. We do this with products and services according to the latest digital trends to help archive our goal: growing your business with digital marketing and sales.

New Opportunities.

Perplix in the Mix Mix Mix Mix Mix Mix .

We understand that entrepreneurs and industry leaders aim to shift their organization to the next level. Whether it’s scaling up, broadening the value proposition, or consolidating the current business, there is always room for improvement and growth. That’s why we offer Digital Marketing as a Service.


The past decade, Perplix has gained experience in web-development and online marketing. This results in a customer base with a maximum of variety. Because we focus on long-term growth, we still manage these projects till this day.



What you get.

Focus on audience

Strategic opportunities

Lower boundaries

Higher conversion​​

Together we build growth revenue leads market audiences

Did our value proposition inspire you, and do you want to find out more what Perplix can do for you?